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Allies of BIPOC

Mission and Goals

As part of our commitments to act against racism in our community, we are extending an invitation to folks who hold white privilege (i.e., all of us who are white or pass for white) to participate in our 'Allies of BIPOC Working Group.' This group will provide us with the opportunity to work towards anti-racist actions, without relying on education from our friends and family members of color.

Members will have the opportunity to: 

  • Be honest and ask questions.

  • Process our emotions around race.

  • Learn more about how racism impacts people of color.

  • Examine and engage our white privilege more critically.

  • Discuss how racism impacts people of color.

  • Consider our responsibility to respond to racism around us.

  • Learn to be constructive members of interracial conversations on race.

  • Critically reflect on our ourselves as white people, which is a form of action.

The group will likely meet once a month for 60 - 90 minutes, virtually or in person. The group will engage in shared readings and dialogue throughout the month with communication via email.

We hope that you will join us in our continuous journeys to "combat racism, change the world, and become good ancestors."

How to Get Involved

Each working group in DCEI is managed by one of the co-founders. To get involved with the work of this group, submit our Join a Working Group form, or, reach out to the admins.

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