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Projects and Initiatives

2024 Town Election Information Save the Date: 4/13/24


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Juneteenth Celebration

DCEI teamed up with community leaders from Norwood, Mansfield, and Walpole to plan, organize, and celebrate Juneteenth 2022. On June 19th, the DCEI was a presenting partner at Walpole's 3rd Annual Juneteenth Celebration at Walpole Town Common.  It was a celebration of Black history and culture which included performances by local Black poets, musicians, dancers and singers. The event also raised funds for Be Inclusive, Inc. (formerly known as Walpole Multicultural Books Initiative), which provides diverse books to public schools and libraries.  

In collaboration with Dedham's Human Rights Commission, DCEI assisted in hosting the town's first Juneteenth Celebration in 2023. Stay tuned for 2024!

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Dedham Families Show Up

Among the first actions of the DCEI was a demonstration in Dedham Square on May 31, 2020 inviting any Dedham residents who wanted to show their solidarity and support of antiracist movements across the country to come to the middle of town for a family-friendly peaceful protest. Nearly 400 people participated, lining either side of High St. for almost half a mile. Since then, additional peaceful demonstrations have been organized by DCEI, all family-friendly events focused on peace and justice.

Anti-Racism Book Club of Dedham

The purpose of this group is to collectively read, reflect and discuss books so that we may learn more about the experience of BIPOC and learn about our white privilege.

Book Club guidelines, norms and goals:

  • What is said in book club stays in book club. Please respect the privacy of our fellow participants and keep what is shared confidential.

  • Ask possibly ignorant questions.

  • Consider our responsibility in responding to racism in our environment.

  • Learn to be productive members of interracial conversations on race.

  • Critically reflect on ourselves and actions, which is a form of action.

The group has read books including Me and White Supremacy by Lalya F. Saad, Caste by Isabel Wilkerson, We Want to Do More Than Survive by Bettina L. Love, How to Be An Anti-Racist by Ibram X. Kendi, and My Grandmother's Hands by Resmaa Menakem.


To participate and receive notifications of future book selections, join the "Anti-Racism Book Club of Dedham" Facebook group below.

Requests for Our Schools

During the Summer of 2020, the Equity and Student Success group worked to put together a list of actions, called "Requests for our Schools," that we then presented to the Superintendent and the School Committee. 

Women of Color Group

Monthly gathering of women of color to network, foster friendships, and discuss different topics that are relevant to our experiences.

National Night Out

The annual NNO event is organized by our Police Liaison group with the goal of providing a space for neighbors and law enforcement to interact under positive circumstances. 

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