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Working Groups

To organize and operationalize our mission, we have organized our coalition into four working groups. Each working group is led by one of our Co-Founders. Members of the DCEI are encouraged to join one or more working groups in order to contribute to the coalition.

Equity and Student Success


This working group seeks to collaborate with the Human Rights Commision, the school district, the school committee, school administrators and teachers, students, and their families to promote culturally responsive practices (training, events, resources, etc.) in our schools.

Community Outreach


 This working group seeks to build strong, authentic strategic partnerships with individuals, organizations, and businesses in the Dedham community to increase representation of people of color (POC) in decision-making positions and to educate non-POC in decision-making positions about race-related issues.

Police Communication


In order to build trust between the community and police, and to ensure each officer protects and serves the public fairly and safely, the Police Communication/Liaison Working Group engages in productive collaboration and conversation with the Dedham Police Department. The working group seeks to understand department policies and practices—with a focus on their impacts on people of color—and proposes changes where necessary. 

Allies of BIPOC


This working group invites folks who hold white privilege (i.e., anyone who is white or passes for white) to join together to work toward anti-racist actions, without relying on education from our friends and family members of color.

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