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Equity & Student Success

Mission and Goals

This working group seeks to collaborate with the Human Rights Commission, the school district, the school committee, school administrators and teachers, students, and their families to promote culturally responsive practices (events, resources, etc.) in our schools.


The goals of this group include:

  • Promote Black history, literature, knowledge and culture within the curricula across grade levels in order to foster appreciation of Black/African American contributions to our country.

  • Collaborate with community members, including teachers, parents and students in celebrating and acknowledging the contributions of BIPOC.

  • Support the school district in actively recruiting, hiring and assisting diverse educators, specifically people from underrepresented backgrounds.

  • Create inclusive spaces for parents and provide facilitation of resources on how to navigate the public school system in Dedham.

  • Promote the involvement of parents/caregivers of color in different areas, ie. advocate for representation in Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO) at each of the schools, work with the school administration to voice concerns, etc.

How to Get Involved

Each working group in DCEI is managed by one of the co-founders, and operate as a "subset" of our comprehensive Facebook page. To get involved with the work of this group, submit our Join a Working Group form.

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